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Interested in an outreach, have topics or issues you would like to address with your staff, organization, or group?  Perhaps you want a presentation made to a group of students, youth, or a leadership team by an objective professional.  Or you have recognized that there are dynamics within the group that need to be addressed to move your team forward. If so, contact Wellness Initiatives, LLC.

What is Outreach and Consultation at Wellness Initiatives, LLC:

Whereas individual counseling may not be for everyone, most individuals and groups benefit from outreach and consultation. Outreach and Consultation are highly valued components of services provided at Wellness Initiative. Both promote a community perspective by extending mental health services beyond the therapy walls and into the community setting through a variety of formats on a number of topics.

Outreach Mission:

Presentations and workshops are facilitated throughout the year in a variety of settings (civic organizations, community entities, student organizations, academic departments, classroom lectures) on a variety of topics.  Programs are specifically designed on a variety of topics to enhance personal growth, to provide education, training, to develop organizational development, to enhance social and communication skills, to improve the functioning of group interaction, and to promote wellness and the prevention of psychological distress.

Goals of Outreach and Consultation: There are many stereotypes about seeking therapy that can serve as barriers to people receiving mental health treatment.  It is understood that for many people there is a stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment. Through the utilization of outreach activities Wellness Initiatives is committed to educating the public about preventive strategies while reducing the stigma that is frequently associated with going for counseling.

Wellness Initiatives, LLC provides deliberate, systematic, and creative psycho-educational programming that emphasizes a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, wellness, and self-help.
1) to enhance community engagement
2) to expose the individual to therapy
3) to reach out to all people
4) to provide training and programming
5) to influence the conversation about mental health

Presentation Formats:

Presentation formats include workshops, training seminars, lectures, panels, discussions, forums, psycho-educational programming, information tables, program consultation, and organizational consultation (assesses and improves interpersonal and group functioning within organizations).  In the event organizational consultation is requested the consultant will serve as a facilitator to focus on such areas as communication, decision making, leadership, team building, and conflict resolution.  Specific services include needs assessment, team building, and process observation.

Who can request an outreach:

Programs are designed to be delivered to specific groups or organizations and are time-limited.  Outreach programs are aimed at improving personal life experiences and the prevention of emotional, physical, or social difficulties. Dr. Tatem has provided outreach and consultation in educational and community settings for over 20 years.  Her audiences have included parenting groups, leadership teams, college organizations, teen groups, group homes, shelters, professional organizations, university committee work, athletic programs, and civic groups.

Program Topics include but are not limited to:

Stress Management
Diversity Skills Leadership
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Time Management
Depression and Women
Domestic Violence
Effective Study Habits; Making the Grade
Emotional Abuse
Grief Management
Healthy Relationships
Veterans and Transition
Mental Health and Graduate School
Cultural Shock
Sexual Assault Prevention
Women's Issues
Body Images
Dating/Healthy Relationships
Holiday Depression/Stress
Race Relations
Suicide Prevention

Program and consultation cost:

Presentation and consultation fees will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How to schedule an outreach or consultation:

To request an outreach presentation or additional information call 318-410-1555.  If you have a specific request for a program, talk or discussion, please contact me.  A minimum of two weeks is needed before presenting a program.  For custom-tailored programs please allow ample time for preparation in order to properly meet the objectives of your institution or organization.

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