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Statement of Diversity

At Wellness Initiatives, LLC it is believed that everyone deserves the joy of having good mental health.  Recognizing that at times we can all experience poor mental health the goal is to provide quality services to all.  People of every race, ethnicity, culture, subculture and nationality are invited to seek counseling at Wellness Initiatives, LLC..  One's identity, self-identity, expression or sexual orientation will be acknowledged and valued.  Ability level, educational level, religion, social class, age, family structure and political opinion will be considered when engaging in the therapy process. Those who love to eat, those with special diets as well as those who struggle with eating are given the clinical space to experience counseling.  Whether or not you love animals or fear them you are welcomed.

At Wellness Initiatives, LLC exercise enthusiasts and those who plan to exercise and never do are respected for their approach to life.  Artists, readers, writers, movie goers, musicians, shoppers and travelers are appreciated for their interests.  Those seeking centeredness through quiet meaningful contemplation are encouraged to explore themselves.  Individuals who are creative and those who appreciate the creativity in others are celebrated. Whether you are challenged due to a disability or are challenged by others perception of your ability you are welcomed at Wellness Initiatives.  If you seek change in your world or strive to change the world, your outlook on life is important.

At Wellness Initiatives, LLC all people are important and therefore people from different worlds with different world-views are welcomed.  Individual perspectives as well as collective experience and thought is supported.  Wellness Initiatives, LLC is interested in serving those who have experienced counseling and those experiencing counseling for the first time.  The intent is to be inclusive and accepting.  Value is given to the spirit of human connection.  The importance of therapist and client fit is valued    In essence some people join naturally and others do not.  In the event a better fit can be obtained with you and another therapist, measures can be taken to help you identify a therapy experience that is a better fit.   In essence everyone is unique and everyone is welcomed!

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